The Videoscore series use a video ‘graphic’ score for interpretation by instrumentalists or audience members.

Videoscore for Tromboscillator

This piece reflects an interest in personalised systems of scoring developed through collaboration with individual performers. The intention being that the performers approach to improvisation and notation and his/her relationship with their instrument and machine or communication system are embodied in the scoring system. The end result of the collaboration being an artifact in the form of a ‘score’ which exists as just one possible a record of the collaboration. The score in this instance is not intended as a direct instruction to the performer for the production of particular sounds or indeed an attempt to represent sound visually but as a tool of mediation between himself and his apparatus. The resultant documentation of the project in the form of a sound-film is intended to illuminate the complex perceptual space between what we see and what we hear interceded through instrumental improvisational performance.

The process of developing the score uses video feedback to produce a ‘videoscore’, taking audio input as the starting point. The process employed was directly influenced by Hilary’s use of the tromboscillator and aesthetically by the work of the filmmaker Stan Brackage.