In collaboration with Jeremy Keenan

Attendant Materials uses film as a form of ‘graphic score’ for the creation of music using physically manipulated acoustic sources. As part of the process of creation participants are invited to record sound- effects using various techniques for recreating sonic events to film in synchrony with their visual correlates, otherwise known as ‘Foley’.

The project is a new way for participants to engage with contemporary sound practice that allows direct involvement in and exposition to both the process of creation through the exploration of object’s acoustic properties and the resultant installation. We hope to encourage and illuminate new modes of experiencing the sonic environment in which multiple musical interpretations of a fixed set of video clips as visual scores are displayed.

The installation operates in 8 or 4 channel surround sound with split-screen video. Video and audio material on each separate part of the screen and in each speaker is triggered by the movement of the audience in the space using camera tracking. Three Foley pits containing cornflour, gravel and polystyrene chips are all close miked with the resulting walking sounds also forming part of the audio mix. The audio recordings taken from participants in a separate space are updated daily by the artists. The four different parts of the screen display the different video clips to which the sound effects have been made. There are 64 different video clips, each video clip will be a close-up of physical materials being manipulated; cut, dropped, scrapped, smashed, jangled, knocked etc.