In Music for Hearing Aids the public experience an inversion of the common situation where listening space is personalised and privatised through devices such as iPods. In this intervention listening becomes public and shared, the agents of this sharing being local deafblind people. In this performance 4x local deafblind artists move in a choreographed sequence around Granary Square, London, each with a speaker emitting slowly changing tones whose combinations create shifting chords that modulate and mask the sonic ambience of the site. They use the site as score navigating the space with sound and prompting those present to listen with them. The tones heard in the piece were created by myself prior to the performance in-situ in Granary Square, using processes used by audiologists and acousticians and in response to recordings made around Granary Square.

Music for Hearing Aids was commissioned as part of Unannounced Acts of Publicness through AIR and Central St Martins.